Allview Alldro Speed W

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Alldro Speed ​​is distinguished both by the range of tablets Cortex A8 processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz and the high-performance graphics processor with 4 cores Mali 400. The terminal allows expandable memory up to 32GB via microSD card and runs Android 2.3.4 which provides a very good management of consumption, processes and applications.



March Android 4.0 Speed ​​range available

Speed ​​range possibility of upgrading products to Android 4.0 will be available in March. Among the benefits it brings new OS include: the ability to resize widgets, improved graphical user interface that integrates the functions of the buttons: Home, Back and Recent Apps, simultaneous access to open the Home screen applications, better control of traffic manage time data via network, much easier to input text, e-mail organized in folders, Wi-Fi direct, native photo editor, possibility to make video calls in applications such as Skype or Yahoo and more.




Upgrade software for tablets AllDro Speed

In order to improve software stability and autonomy of the tablets, and the elimination of bugs reported in previous versions dsipozitie Allview will provide a procedure to install new software.  More.

Making the upgrade is done on their own responsibility and following the exact instructions provided.



Slim and compact: 9.9 mm

Alldro Speed ​​offers a superlative experience is an extremely thin and compact tablet. With a thickness of 9.9 mm tablet is distinguished by its low weight and ergonomic design gives the user full mobility.






Full touch screen tablet with capacitive

Interaction with the digital system is now closer to everyone.Take a step towards the virtual world and the latest technologies utilieaza your new tablet AllDro Speed. Achieving Multiple 7-inch display lets you magnify or shrink images quickly and easily, websites and documents.




Photo Editor

Create your own greeting cards for Christmas and New Year and ships them in no time by everyone I knew. With specialized applications and a pen you can write capactiv easily and accurately than your favorite pictures.




Streaming real-time

The graphics processor product lets you view movies in the browser race that requires support FullHD Flash Player.




Run games in your browser and three dimensional graphics applications

Because the new graphics solutions, AllDro Speed ​​allows you to try the latest games and applications. If you are a true gamer and want to live the most exciting experiences is enough to send pictures to a TV via HDMI cable and you use the tablet as a controller. Moreover, by supporting Flash, the device allows you to open and online gaming in your browser.




DLNA Support

AllDro Speed ​​can become an essential part of any business presentation or meeting with friends. The connection device's DLNA compatible devices play movies, music and images from the tablet.Synchronization between the two devices cause a simultaneous visualization of information in the best conditions.




Remote Desktop

The new tablet is not just about entertainment functions but can be easily used in business activity.Besides e-mail and applications-office device can be successfully used to access remote desktop protocol through which you access from any PC and remote server.




Compose yourself and mix your music

With pre-installed applications in stores and you can become a DJ or composer. Mix your songs in the way and create interactive atmosphere for you and your friends wherever you are.




Video resolution 3840 x 2160 px

The new device enables you to watch videos with resolutions up to 2160p. Connected via HDMI cable to compatible devices with proper playback capability will be able to watch movies as the theater, the Quad Full High Definition resolution.






Secondary camera

You will be delighted by the camera / video front AllDro tablet Speed! Capture the beautiful moments of your life everyday and share them with your friends in social networks. In just a few seconds photos can be posted on your Facebook profile and Twitter or you can attach to an e-mail everyone to enjoy with you.






Multilingual with T9 for Romanian

The easy way to input text in Romanian is now preinstalled on AllDro Speed. Besides the function of T9 in Romanian, according intuitive recognition of words, multilingual application change Android's native keyboard with a more friendly and easier to use.




Mali graphics processor MP 400

Mali-400 MP is one of the best configurations at this time. This is a complete graphics acceleration platform, based on the principle of open standards that provides support for both 2D vector graphics through OpenVG 1.1 and for the 3D OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 . In addition Mali GPU architecture is still only reaching specifications OpenGL ES 2.0 to 1080p. Scaland from 1-4 cores Mali-400 MP, allow multiple uses, from mobile devices smartbooks, HDTV and mobile gaming, with a single IP address.