Allview Alldro 3

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Allview invites you to experience the possibilities of new technologies in terms of gadgets.Tablet PC AllDro three runs Android 2.3 and has a processor, the Cortex A8, at a frequency of 1 GHz. The device is ideal for entertainment and for business because capactiv display 10 "proportioned 4/3.

Processor performance

Powerful processor, the Cortex A8, with frequency of 1 GHz application ensure perfect functionality and high reaction speed of the device. Web pages load quickly and navigation between browser tabs with ease are some of processor performance.



10-inch capacitive display, 4/3

Experience interacting with the new device through the screen capacitiv.Vei be surprised by the display of 10 "proportioned 4/3 of the new product Alldro 3. It lets you view movies, photos or read books in optimal conditions.






Secondary camera

The tablet has camera / video front through which you can make video calls or you can capture the best moments of daily life which then sharing them in seconds with all your friends from social networks. Video call function is available through Fring application can be downloaded from the store pre-installed on the tablet.






Experience reading digital books

It is a pleasure to read books or documents AllDro three new tablet, due to generous display and its low weight of only 592 grams. Reading enthusiasts are offered through sites like and specialized applications, a whole library full of books, courses, reports, newspapers and magazines wherever they go. In addition pre-installed application Aldiko lets you choose font and color that you want to display text for optimal viewing and customized external lighting conditions.








You are always aware of the latest news from a variety of areas. Allview has created AllNews application that gives you access to the most popular everyday items. Use the search function and application of AllNews will display all results containing the search string, both in title and content instantly.

This application is optimized for all types of devices based on Android.

 Download AllNews here!







SelfCare portal

Now you live on the pill all the support you need. In SelfCare application is very easy to find all the information you need. You can learn how to make settings for different applications or features, details of product warranty, FAQ, etc.




S support for DLNA devices

With the help of AllDro three interactive presentations sustain the business or entertain your friends with a spontaneous photo session. Tablet connects to your TV with a DLNA device and can play movies, music and images in the best conditions for synchronization.




Remote Desktop

The tablet can be extremely useful in business activity. Information stored on a PC or server can now be viewed easily and quickly accessing via Remote Desktop Protocol's AllDro 3.







Ergonomic Keyboard

The multilingual application, customize your keyboard your new tablet. You can choose both design and color visualization of the device's keys.Writing texts is a pleasant experience with intuitive recognition function words.The symbols can be accessed more quickly, directly from the toolbar or pressing a key extended.






Playing movies in your browser

Browsing experience on AllDro 3 is similar to that on a PC with support for Flash Player. 
View animations, videos, interactive gaming tests directly inside web pages.

To benefit from this functionality, please
Download the program here .







AllDro 3 allows you to try the latest games and applications.If you are a true gamer and want to live the most exciting experiences is enough to send pictures to a TV via HDMI cable and you use the tablet as a controller.




Wireless Connectivity

AllDro 3 allows a quick and easy connections to the Internet. You can access Web pages using Wi-Fi and stay current with the latest updates about your friends or access the applications you want in an instant.