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March Android 4.0 Speed ​​range available

Speed ​​range possibility of upgrading products to Android 4.0 will be available in March. Among the benefits it brings new OS include: the ability to resize widgets, improved graphical user interface that integrates the functions of the buttons: Home, Back and Recent Apps, simultaneous access to open the Home screen applications, better control of traffic manage time data via network, much easier to input text, e-mail organized in folders, Wi-Fi direct, native photo editor, possibility to make video calls in applications such as Skype or Yahoo and more.




A10-many-core processor

New AllDro A10 2 Speed ​​using many-core concept, which brings improved end-user experience of surfing, viewing movies, games and reading. A10 play up to 2160p video formats, streaming video up to 1080p 3D Video 3D gaming. The new device is integrated along the main processor (CPU) and performance graphics processor (GPU), a number of coprocessor 400 Mali: DPU (Display Processing Unit), SPU (Storage Processing Unit), APU (Analog Processing Unit), VPU ( Video Processing Unit) and AEPU (Audio Processing Unit). All contribute   to achieve high performance in processing and a unique multimedia experience.


Speed ​​Multimedia-New AllDro 2 invites you into the world of unique multimedia experience.



8 GB internal memory


Every year, we lose five days stuck in traffic. AllDro 2 Speed ​​offers you a way to maximize the potential of these moments. Due to large capacity storage device you can save on new songs and learn about your favorite books to listen, read that. 8GB internal memory lets you save about 2000 songs, 3000 pictures and dozens of films.



2 bedrooms-2 angles


Android handset is equipped with a 2MP main camera and VGA front camera to capture that obsolete your most precious moments. Capture all the beautiful moments of your life everyday and share them with your friends in social networks. In just a few seconds photos can be posted on your Facebook profile and Twitter or you can attach to an e-mail everyone to enjoy with you.




Streaming video in your browser


AllDro 2 Speed   gives you the best portable solution to achieve streaming. Now you can watch your favorite movies in your browser wherever you are. In addition, AllDro 2 Speed ​​supports many video formats, so as to ease recognition and playback of videos and more appropriate subtitle.  More



HDMI-enhanced multimedia experience


The new device enables you to watch videos in FullHD is resolute 2 (1080p). 3 connected via HDMIcable to compatible devices with proper playback capability will be able to watch movies like the movie, the device having a power output resolutions up to Quad Full High Definition (2160p).






3G speed Conectitivate



Wherever you are you can get an Internet connection or via Wi-Fi or 3G. 4 3G dongle enables fast data transfer in any part of the world you are. Thus you can access your mail, social networks and various Web pages easily.




Browsing fluid




8 "capacitive multitouch


Tablet AllDro 2 Speed   offers a complete browsing experience, who until recently was offered only you   a desktop device.Proportioned 4:3 display is ideal for surfing the Internet or reading books. In addition multitouch feature promotes quick and easy interaction between user and device, which in turn cause an increased reaction rate.




News to go


The new Android device allows quick view and very high resolution web pages. This reading news turns into a pleasant experience as both presentation format and the speed of your access. Allview AllNews created for you. The application gives you instant access to news posted by the most renowned newspapers and magazines. Whatever your interest, using advanced search function built into the application, you can find all the information published on topics such as sports, gossip, etc. scholarship evolution.




3D Gaming



Your new 3D gaming console


Because the new graphics solutions, AllDro 2 Speed, allows you to enjoy the latest games and applications with three-dimensional graphics. If you are a true gamer and want to live the most exciting experience, download the application stores your favorite games and enjoy them wherever you are. Moreover, by supporting Flash, the device allows you to open and online gaming in your browser.








GPU performance: Mali 400 MP


Playback speed and responsiveness of games is largely due Mali-400 MP GPU, one of the best configurations at this time. This is a complete graphics acceleration platform, based on the principle of open standards that provides support for both 2D vector graphics throughOpenVG 1.1 and for the 3D OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 . In addition Mali GPU architecture is still only reaching specifications OpenGL ES 2.0 in 1080, scaland from 1-4 cores.








2 Speed-office AllDro your mobile






Office package


The new device can be easily transformed into a mobile office. Download Office suite of applications preinstalled stores and you can view or edit documents in PowerPoint format, Word or Excel easily.





Presentation DLNA-support real or informal business meetings

AllDro 2 Speed ​​may become an essential part of any business presentation or meeting with friends.The five DLNA connection device compatible devices play the movies, music and images from the tablet. Synchronization between the two devices cause a simultaneous visualization of information in the best conditions.





Multilingual, portable keyboard

The new device allows typing messages and e-mail much faster due multilingual application, which can be downloaded from Aplystore. This change Android's native keyboard with a more friendly and easier to use, similar to those on laptops or desktops. For quick typing just use the tablet in landscape and the way multilingual keyboard will display numbers and letters in the middle edges.





  1. Android Android   is a   software platform   AND a   operating system   for   AND mobile devices   based on   Linux kernel , initially developed by the company originally ţ   Google , and later in July ţ commercial consortium   Open Handset Alliance . Android is a trademark ofGoogle Inc.)
  2. Full HD (playback video files of high resolution)
  3. 3G USB modem dongle that enables Internet access through 3G conexiu us.
  4. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a compact interface for audio / video transmit uncompressed digital data
  5. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) software level,   function DLNA   allows the user to run certain files (games, music, movies, pictures) on any TV in the house via a data stream.The user can play audio and video content on the mobile phone, camera or camcorder, without having to copy the contents of a USB storage device.