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A single meal of all notifications that interest you

Of a single window for all your notifications! Now you can see directly and compact all missed calls, messages, e-mails unread and current activities!

In addition you have a dedicated multitasking window that lists the Java applications open simultaneously in time. Usable capacity will be pleased of Q2 that allows you to be connected while the messenger, read news, check weather and so on.

Easier to you once logged in the browser with an account of a social network, your phone transmits new information to all installed applications and thus will not be required when opening an application relogarea that your data needs.





Idle menu

Browse by semi-circular menu at the bottom with the center key and use the shortcuts defined. With one click you can access streaming media, Facebook, Google search, task manager or installed applications menu. You can display this menu have to hide after your needs.





Automatically sets meetings

No need to give 10 phones to establish a date. You can send a task set in calendar built by all those involved. Q2 Cloud will synchronize with Microsoft Outlook 2007 calendar of meeting sent to your speakers.

Moreover, the phone has synchronization function. So you can synchronize calendar, calendar and tasks on your phone with a synchronization server (eg Goosync, Hotmail, etc). In this way you can organize better all the time with appointments and scheduled tasks control and phone book will be safe on the synchronization server.






Push & Go

Discover the keyboard shortcuts to the most useful applications. If you're in the car and have no opportunity to parcurrgi several steps to open an application only needs to press the dedicated key and will open instantly. I created this system for you to quickly and efficiently you can get the functions you need. Key features will help you make a quick picture, check a calendar date, etc. instantly create a hotspot.

Discover key features of each!









Enjoy wireless connectivity and 3G

In business it is essential to be constantly connected. Q2 connected to the Internet you can quickly transfer speed 3G connection with up to 7.2 Mbps and Wi-Fi. You have access to any web page and the default mail from anywhere. Moreover, the new terminal automatically switches between the two connections to optimize data traffic. Whether you are connected via 3G, your phone will detect wireless networks and will automatically access.

The terminal works in all mobile networks in Romania: Cosmote,Digi, Orange and Vodafone.







Write messages with great dexterity

Tired to search through old messages or define your own dictionary of words in Romanian? Q2 offers a simple solution. T9 is the default position for Romanian and offers the easiest way to input text.

By clicking on "Conversation" you can watch the entire history of a conversation with someone.








A single phone call, many Internet users

Share Internet with everyone! Now you no longer your phone only benefit you. With its Hotspot function, Q2 may act as a 3G router and so up to 8 devices can be connected simultaneously to your terminal to access the Internet.





2 Topics main menu

Q2 phone allows you to choose between two ways to display the menu. You can easily switch between the two and choose how to view that suits you best.

The first theme allows you to view all menu screen. Color icons set is attractive metallic shades. The second theme illustrates tridimenasioanla phone menu screen as the present one icon representative function.





Camera: Smile & Face detection and Wide

Q2 is more than a business phone! Its smart features help you in your spare time. Captures a smile the smile detection feature or option, creates a panoramic view.









Video call (3G)

Q2 dispose of 3G phone and offers broadband speeds to your phone so you can make or receive video calls using front camera. The terminal allows simultaneous transfer of two types of information: voice and image that you can be with your loved ones in moments in their lives.




The fastest mobile browser, Opera Mini

Preinstalled Opera Mini browser brings many advantages compared with other browsers, the fastest and most comprehensive of its kind application for mobile phones. Opera Mini reduce data transfer costs by 90% due to integrated compression technology. You can create bookmarks that will appear automatically when you open the browser Home page or you can save a picture directly from web pages you visit. Files will be saved in phone memory and you can then adjust the image characteristics such as colors, the contrast so.




Services Allview wickets

In the Allview AplyStore find free games and applications from all areas. To ease the search for your applications are organized in well defined categories. The menu bar you direct access to the "Best Application" at the "Categories" and the search engine. After you find the application you are interested you can download directly from the phone and you can use.

Through application "News" of the new news portal to your phone! Find out the latest information on the agenda of the most famous journalists of the most popular news sites, all in one place.Furthermore, the site has integrated search module that facilitates finding items that have in part sought words.

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