Allview P2 Alldro

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Dual SIM / Dual Standby balance in everyday life

Improved Dual SIM smartphone's P2 facilitates business and personal calls separate. You can use two SIM cards to easily switch between different mobile networks, significantly reducing call costs. 

Dedicated button for each card in hand

P2 AllDro allows calls in the best conditions because software optimized and dedicated call buttons. The phone comes with one button for each of the two SIM cards and a separate button for video call.





The new smartphone version benefits from improved 3G data transfer technology. Protocol HSDPA (High Speed ​​Downlink Package) has higher download and upload speeds. Now you can post pictures or update your blog with a speed up to 5.4 Mbps and can download documents or songs with 7.2 Mbps.







Video call

AllDro P2 makes an uncompressed video to high standards with a compatible device and lets you be in several places at once. 3G video calling technology, you can be an important meeting in another city to attend the celebration of your child and share a special moment with friends ..







Traffic data-card 1 and 
voice-card 2 while


The new model allows simultaneous transfer of voice data on the SIM card 1 and 2. You will receive notifications from applications using 3G connection a SIM card even if you are engaged in a conversation on what it the second card.           

The terminal works in all mobile networks in Romania:Cosmote, Digi, Orange and Vodafone.






Thetering by Wi-Fi 
s up to 8 devices

3G router product can become its function intermdiul Hotspot. This Internet connection can transmit up to 8 sites nearby devices via Wi-Fi transfer facilitated.







Customized interface and very easy to use

P2 AllDro detaches other smartphone models attractive and personalized menus. Suite of icons was created specifically for the P2 user, presenting these few similarities with the standard.Notifications and the menu shortcuts, allowing activation functions like GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling preferred profiles or brightness adjustment.






Allview applications-especially for you

Allview has created a suite of very useful and attractive for you. These are pre-installed on the new model and can perform several functions at the business dedicated to the leisure.

AllNews gives you instant access to news posted by the most renowned newspapers and magazines.Whatever your interest, using advanced search function built into the application, you can find all the information published about a particular topic: football, society, evolution, etc. scholarship.



Aply App Store includes hundreds of applications in various industries (Entertainment, Socialization, Books, Useful, Finance and Business, Navigation and Travel, Media, Multimedia) that you can evaluate and download by creating an account. Each application has a description is illustrated by screenshots and shows the number of downloads that you recorded.

The SelfCare portal is very easy to find all the information you need. You can learn how to make settings for different applications or features, details of product warranty, FAQ, etc.




3.5 capacitive touchscreen

Diplay the standard 3.5 "capacitive new model reduces the time needed to achieve a pregnancy due to its multi function. With a series of taps on the screen you can increase or to decrease quickly and easily images, web pages and documents.









5MP camera, filming 480p/30fps

P2 AllDro help you capture your memories and impartasesi them quickly and easily with loved ones. 5MP camera surprised even the smallest details and photos made from high clarity thanks to its AF, Wide and Smile Shot. In addition, special moments you can record video at 480p and 30fps resolution.








Navigation Assistance

Allview new smartphone offers a very useful support and assist you in all your travels. You will not waste time unnecessarily trying to locate a street address or because you can see instant electronic maps accessing the GPS navigation function of the new terminal.




Streaming video

You can now watch your favorite video or TV broadcasts AllDro new P2 phone. Device allows the streaming video at a good resolution, providing access to the many videos posted on specialized websites or social networks. Your phone keeps you informed in real time, with the latest multimedia nefind download videos to phone required.









Technical performance

After tests revealed terminal P2 AllDro high technical performance.