What we can do for you with the help of RFID: Next Generation Inventory Management

Based on the current level of development, the world needs a change towards a better way of keeping the goods properly inventoried. The old ways of managing the goods, either at home or in a warehouse, are becoming inefficient and are creating flaws in a system that should work properly at all times.

Nowadays, the systems try to speed things up and for that, proper hardware it’s a must have. The RFID technology offers the solution for tracking your goods inside an environment, letting you know where they are and how many are still registered inside your system. Even when a good leaves your RFID covered area, you will be notified therefore this technology can cover a very important security aspect.

All you need to do in order to implement this kind of technology is to use specific readers to define a “readable” perimeter, and attach tags to your goods. The third component is a software tool (can be web-based also) that will make the assignments for the tags, will associate them with certain values into a database, and will consider if triggering or not certain alarms or notifications when your required factors appear to be.

The RFID technology is easy to integrate with a secondary sensor system also, in order to ensure no one gets to move around you goods messing things up, or even steal them.
In short, the big advantage of this system is that it can maintain a live database of all goods in the warehouse or around the home and we can even give you the possibility to integrate that with your website, showing what cars arrived in your garage or even integrate what is your product stock live for your online ecommerce website.
This is the perfect solution for many “small” problems that could occur periodically, and we will be happy to help you prevent all of them, by designing the system for you, and providing the necessary technology.

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